Why Hello There!

I have always enjoyed creative things, and have spent a number of years expressing my artistic talents in different ways. I’ve enjoyed art (though I admittedly suck at it), writing (one of my favorite pastimes) and most recently have spent way too much time playing videogames (I love roleplay and have spent the last 5 years roleplaying in a variety of games).

With this project, I am hoping to achieve two things. Firstly, I want to be able to review my web development skills. I used to know how to do it a long, long time ago but never really kept it up so I’m going to use this website to practice (eventually this website will be completely custom designed by yours truly so bare with me if there’s any glitches).

Secondly, I want to continue learning more about game development. An even longer time ago, I was discouraged from continuing my C++ development because I’d “never use it in the future”. In hindsight, I know now that the person who told me this definitely did not have my best interests at heart, and likely just wanted less competition in the professional world (I was training to be a teacher at the time so I wasn’t even planning on going into game development professionally). Perhaps they even just wanted to discourage the only woman in the class…who knows.

Either way, my goal is to continue developing the skills I currently have, refresh the ones I’ve forgotten, and even to learn something new. Life’s too short for “what if”, so I’m going to get on with this journey.

I’ll post once a week to update progress, and may include more frequent (or delayed) updates at major project milestones. So until then, stay awesome!

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